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Highlights of Blue Whale
All-round perception
GPS positioning + inertial navigation system, laser radar, ultrasonic radar, vision
High-precision positioning
positioning accuracy within 5 cm
Depth prediction
dynamic trajectory prediction of obstacles
Fast path deployment
dynamic path deployment can be completed within 10 minutes
Automatic tracking
Auto dock
Path planning
Obstacle avoidance driving
Adaptive car following
High definition map
Equipped with Operation APP
For management
select operating routes with one click and grasp vehicle information in realtime, making vehicle operation easier
For passenger
one-click calling, getting on and off the station, and automatic parking. Make riding more convenient
Remote Cockpit
Remote driving based on 5G technology, low latency and high reliability
Real driving experience, real-time road sense feedback
Cloud Platform
Integrating vehicles, cabins, roads and cloud system to provide overall solutions
Intelligent scheduling system solves batch operation problems
Technical data and equipment at a glance.
Basic size
Length*width*height (unladen, mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Minimum ground clearance (unladen, mm)
Height inside the carriage (at the middle passage)
Main parameters
Factory-set maximum number of passengers (people)
14 (8 sitting + 6 standing)
Maximum speed (km/h)
Driving mileage (km, constant speed method 20km/h)
Maximum grade
Brake-by-wire system type
Hydraulic dual circuit braking system
Steer-by-wire form
front wheel steering
Temperature adjustment
Wire controlled air conditioner
Heating and cooling air conditioning
Smart driving function
Automatic tracking, automatic parking, path planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance
15G remote cockpit (with a sense of the road/without a sense of the road)
Unmanned driving cloud platform (independent deployment)
7kW portable DC charging pile
*Specific vehicle models and technical parameters are subject to the actual vehicle configuration. Customers of any interest may contact our sales for more details. Skywell reserves the right to final interpretation of the pictures and parameters.
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