Skywell partnership model
Low investment, fast return
Skywell adheres to the investment principle of "low investment, quick return", and sets 4S (sales + service) + 2S (sales/service) A variety of new retail models, online and offline multi-channel layout at the same time, open up the market + sales + service + operating data, Build a service system for the full life cycle of customers
Skyworth Center(Class A/B)
Skyworth Experience Hall(Class D)
Skyworth Station E( Class E )
Application condition
Possess advanced business philosophy and excellent market development capabilities, understand and agree with the brand culture of Skyworth Automobile, and are willing to invest in long-term investment and develop together with Skyworth Automobile
Have the funds required for store construction and operation, have experience in automobile sales, service management, operation and management, and have or can quickly build a stable marketing and service team
In the sales and service area of Skyworth Auto, he has strong marketing and service capabilities, and clear operation and promotion ideas
Have a store that meets the site selection requirements of Skyworth Automobile, and can be remodeled and decorated in accordance with Skyworth Automobile's shop building standards
Recruitment process
Submit application
Download the Skyworth Automobile Dealer Network Application Form” from the official website, fill it out and send it to the
Preliminary review + site inspection
According to the content of the network access application form, Skyworth Auto organizes initial review and on-site inspection of personnel to form network access opinions
Signing the letter of intent for cooperation
After the company’s review is passed, the two parties sign a letter of intent for cooperation, and at the same time pay the cooperation intent money according to the type of cooperative store
Store construction
Sign a contract with the proposed store site, register the company and submit the store application approval form, and carry out store construction as agreed
Acceptance opening
Skyworth Auto organizes store acceptance, sign an authorization agreement after passing the acceptance, and open another day
We look forward to outstanding talents with experience in automobile sales and operation management and service. Become an authorized partner of Skyworth Auto and jointly achieve entrepreneurial dreams
Authorization application
To obtain the "Application Form for Skyworth Auto Partner Network Access" through telephone consultation, please fill in and send it to the following mailbox: After we receive your information, we will take the initiative to contact you
Investment Contact Phone
  Investment Contact Phone:400-696-8080
[Mobile] Mr. Chen: (+86) 19851679323
[Wechat] Mr. Chen: 15195472281
Merchants contact email:
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