Lexiang charging solution
Make charging a part of the enjoyment of life
Exclusive charging pile
We provide one for every user of Tianmei Auto Exclusive charging pile
and one-time customized installation service
On-board charging
Optional mobile charging cable, convenient for 220V AC
Can easily store energy, extremely convenient, plug and charge
Exclusive pile installation service
Communication property
Electricity report
Site survey
Plan confirmation
Home installation
Charging operation method
Tianmei starts from the user's car scene, and provides customers with a safe, convenient, worry-free and worry-free energy service experience. let you enjoy energy, call immediately
Insert the gun
Make sure the charging cable is inserted correctly
Start charging
Perform identity verification by swiping card, scanning code, etc., start charging after passing the verification
End charging
Swipe the card or scan the code first, then pull out the gun
Draw a gun and return
After pulling out the charging gun, plug it back into the charging pile socket
Battery Guardian
Battery checkup
Regularly provide vehicle battery usage behavior evaluation, performance evaluation and life prediction functions
Battery traceability
Established a power battery traceability system, which can conduct traceability management for the entire life cycle
Battery recycling
Established a complete power battery recycling system and made every effort to protect the environment
Worry-free service
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