Wholeheartedly build a new energy vehicle brand, promote the sustainable development of mankind, and achieve a happy life for thousands of households
With the purpose of benefiting employees, customers, and others, we will build a great company where everyone can become a hero, so that everyone can achieve personal freedom of struggle, freedom of wealth and family happiness
Create a new energy vehicle ecosystem, promote the coordinated development of industries, implant Internet genes, and reach a heart-to-heart link with customers. Directly to C end, achieve B end, activate A end
Technology driven
Gathering first-class talents at home and abroad, leading the world's electric vehicle trend. Let China be the rule maker of the world
Talent Concept
People make the best use of their talents
Skywell adheres to the people-oriented business philosophy, insists on gathering people with broad development prospects, and inspiring people with beautiful career goals. Have used the scientific and effective talent mechanism of resumes to create a positive and good talent growth environment, committed to providing every employee with a stage to fully display their talents, and through continuous creation of personal development opportunities, so that all kinds of talents can have success , Opportunities and platforms to realize self-worth. In terms of employment, Kaiwo Automobile adheres to the concept of respecting talents and creativity, not only on academic qualifications, but not on qualifications, but also on qualifications. The use of people depends on performance, ability and potential. Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and a good cultural environment, each employee's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity are fully mobilized, so that employees love their duties and do their best, so that people are suitable for the job, things are suitable for the people, and people are used to their talents. Make the best use of
Talent Concept
We are a team full of responsibility. We uphold learning, be good at innovation, sincere cooperation, sincere service, and promote win-win, to ensure that the fastest time, the best service, and maximum satisfaction of customer needs, for China New Energy The development of the automotive industry continues to contribute its own strength
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