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Skywell's first strategic SUV
Integrating SKYWORTH Technology and the accumulation of the new energy automobile industry in the past 10 years, the comprehensive working condition has a cruising range of up to 520km, equipped with L2.5 automatic driving assistance system and Skylink intelligent network connection system,Excellent performance, smart travel, bring you a more comfortable and smart way of travel, interpreting New China Made with quality and strength
520 km
High energy
battery life
2800 mm
Super long
wheelbase, great space
in the car
Body appearance
360° interior
View configuration
Exclusive space Great pattern
4698*1908*1696mm full car size, 2800mm super long wheelbase, spacious and comfortable rear space, and the seat mode can be switched at will. 24 storage spaces make life orderly, comfortable and convenient. At the same time, it is equipped with the largest panoramic sunroof and intelligent induction electric tailgate
Large internal space
The rear seats are spacious and comfortable, and the seat mode can be switched at will
Largest panoramic sunroof in its class
Voice intelligent activation, unlimited expansion of space, let you enjoy the picturesque scenery between chat and laugh
Electric tailgate
Intelligent induction of tailgate, multiple opening methods, comfortable and convenient to see, no matter how busy hands are
All-round health and pleasure cockpit
Outside the door is the noisy and glitz of the world, and inside the door is the first-class cabin for health enjoyment
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The world's first patented healthy sleep seat, touch your fingertips to turn on "Lie" to win life
One-button lunch break:Touch the screen to achieve the seat up and down and the backrest angle adjustment, the reline becomes the seat .
Intimate lounge chair:The seat foam is layere, and the interval hardness is differentiated to realize the Simmons in the car .
Seasonal seat:The backrest of the seat is integrated with ventilation heating and is selfregulating according to climate and temperature .
Absolutely safe:Configuring side airbags and warnings to limit seat belts for a sense of security.
Concierge mode:When the door is opened , the seat is automatically adjusted to the final position ,which is convenient for intelligence and brings you the ultimate feeling of VIP
Healthy micro-climate control system, the health protection of colleges and universities is like a shadow
Standard N95 air conditioning filter element to create a micron-level clean breathing system
Skylink intelligent network connection system integrates SKYWORTH digital ecology
Smart travel, let the car and home "0" distance
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Skylink integrated car home intelligent interconnection, smart travel anytime, anywhere
Car and home, zero distance; and home appliances, there are also many calls, and interconnection with various smart home ecology such as Skyworth, Midea, JD, Huawei, Alibaba, etc. Skyworth home appliances AIOT interconnection platform, to create smart cars & home life
Immersive audio and video
Private cinema + mobile concert hall, VIP seats at any time. Healthy lunch break mode, support mobile phone appointment; 4G free data, massive Skyworth audio and video resources, interconnected full ecological massive resources, synchronized iQiyi, Himalaya, QQ music and other multi-platform content
L2.5 Autonomous Driving Leading a New Comfortable Travel Experience
More than 15 automatic driving functions, making driving easier and worry-free
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Adaptive Cruise Control ACC
Lane Keep Assist LKA
Traffic Sign Recognition TSR
Automatic High Beam Assist AHBA
Automatic Parking Assist APA
Integrated Cruise Assist ICA
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