Common problem
Which payment methods are supported for vehicle ordering?
The Skywell platform currently supports WeChat Pay, Alipay, and UnionPay. UnionPay supports debit cards and credit cards, but it does not support some banks temporarily
I chose the wrong match when placing an order, what should I do?
If you have not completed the payment, you can cancel the order in "Personal Center"-"My Order" and re-select the vehicle; if you have completed the payment, Skywell Studio will actively call you to confirm the order information, Before the order is confirmed (the order status is paid), you can still ask for help from Skywell Studio; if you have confirmed the order with Skywell Studio (the order status is updated to "Effective"), it means that the vehicles have been arranged in order The configuration can no longer be modified
How is the purchase price calculated?
The car purchase price of general users = car price-state subsidy amount-land subsidy amount. For details, please consult the SMP of the place of purchase; the subsidy standards and technical requirements of the state subsidy and land subsidy are subject to the national and local policies in the year when the vehicle was obtained
How much mileage does Skywell have?
The maximum battery life of Skywell is up to 520KM
What is the standard tire pressure of Skywell ET5?
You can open the main driver’s door and put a standard tire pressure label on the B-pillar. The standard tire pressure is 2.4 bar
Does Skywell ET5 have a spare tire?
There is no spare tire. The trunk of Skywell ET5 is equipped with a tire pump and tire repair fluid
What is the warranty period of Skywell Auto's Sanden (battery, motor, electronic control)?
Skywell Auto provides three-electric (battery, motor, and electronic control) warranty period for all household passenger cars: 8 years / 150,000 kilometers, and the time and mileage are subject to whichever comes first
What rescue content does road rescue include?
Road rescue includes towing service/distress rescue service/personal injury rescue service
What is the road rescue hotline number of Skywell Auto?
The hotline of Skywell Auto Rescue is 400-696-8080, which provides 24-hour service, and the service coverage time is 7*24*365
How to install the charging pile?
Skywell Auto authorizes third-party installation service providers and users to conduct site surveys, plan design (some users involve installation reports), construction quotation, installation and commissioning procedures
What are the requirements for the installation of charging piles?
If your community property agrees to provide 7kW of power capacity, and you have a dedicated parking space, it generally takes one month to complete the installation; if the community property agrees to install, but the power access point needs to be reported to the power supply bureau for installation, two The installation will be completed in three months; if you want to install it in a public parking space, you need to reach an agreement with the property for parking space installation and use
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